RoundPartner is designed for the needs of running a window cleaning business. Here are a few of the many features that will only be a few clicks away!

Customer Management

Don't compromise on your customer requirements because your software doesn't support it! The RoundPartner customer management system has been designed with even the most awkward customers in mind.

RoundPartner allows you to store your customer contact details and their requirements which are easily accessible from your laptop computer and your mobile phone. With the use of notes and tags you can be reminded whether the customer is a non-payer or to watch out for the family pet.

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Job Management

With the job management system you will be reminded when you need to do a job for a customer. When you create a job you can set its description, price and how often you need to do it. There is no limit to how often a job can be done whether it is just a one off or to be done multiple times a week. Each time you do a job, it's price and specific requirements are tracked so when your customer asks for something extra you can easily make a note or adjust the price to account for the additional work.

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When your business expands, you need a simple way of organising your jobs. With the use of rounds you can group up your customers to suit your needs.

You can group your customers in a range of ways such as commercial and domestic or into specific locations. You can put a customer in as many rounds as you want.

Rounds has been integrated into the job scheduler and reporting system allowing you to do a range of tasks, such as:

  • Organising a group of customers to be scheduled on the same day
  • Schedule locations to be done on particular days of the week
  • Determining jobs to sell or areas to canvas
  • Keeping track of non-payers

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To compliment the job management system, the scheduler allows you to easily view when a job is to be done. The scheduler allows you to view jobs for a particular day, week or month displayed as either a list or calendar.

With the calendar you can easily assess how much work you have for the week and you can reschedule a job using the drag and drop interface.

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RoundPartner will help you keep track of your income. You will see who owes your what and those who have paid in advance.

You can also generate an invoice for your customers which can be printed or emailed to them.

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What would normally take you a few hours can be done in seconds with RoundPartner. The reporting system has been designed to save your time and money. It can be used in a range of different ways such as:

  • An annual finance report for your accountant
  • Keep track of your income and expenses
  • Find out which areas are most profitable
  • Find out who owes you money

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RoundPartner has a range of features to meet the requirements of your business. Contact us now to find out how RoundPartner can support your business.

RoundPartner has been designed to be used anywhere. With a user interface designed for laptops, tablets and mobiles you will be able to access your customers and your job schedule where ever you are.

Don't worry about losing your customers when your computer breaks. Your customers are stored on our database and is only accessible by you. All you have to do is login and you can access your customers on any computer or mobile you want.

We take security seriously. When you login to RoundPartner you will be on a secured encrypted connection. We will help you keep your customers backed up and we will not share your information with third parties.