General Data Protection Regulation

RoundPartner endeavours to protect your and your customers’ data. Below we have outlined how we use information stored on RoundPartner.

What We Store

Personal information we ask for is used to run your account. When registering for RoundPartner we only ask for the minimum amount of information required to create your account. Some features of RoundPartner may require additional information to be provided and we may ask for consent when this information is required.

Personal Data

You can enter customer information required to run your business into RoundPartner. By entering this data you have been given consent by your client to add this information to RoundPartner and for it to be processed by RoundPartner. By entering this data you are giving RoundPartner consent to process this information to allow your business to operate.

You can not use RoundPartner as a tool for direct marketing.

RoundPartner provides the facility to delete customers or update their details when necessary. You can contact our data controller if you require all customer data to be removed from your account when it becomes no longer required.

By using RoundPartner, some personal data that can be used to identify you including your IP address and your web browser agent identifier will be stored. This information is only used to identify and resolve issues with providing services to you and will not be shared with any third parties without consent. We also hold this information to protect our services from abuse.

Sensitive Personal Data

RoundPartner can not be used to store sensitive personal data of any customer.

How We Share Data

Any customer information you store on RoundPartner will not be shared or distributed to any third parties without your permission. We will not share your personal information with any third parties without your consent.

We may share a small amount of personal data to our payment processors when entering your payment details or making a payment for services. This includes your business name, your email address and payment details. Our payment providers consist of PayPoint and Stripe.

If you opt into using customer direct debit payments we may share a small amount of personal information to GoCardless such as your business name and email address. When using this feature, you must have consent to use your customer's email address as this may be shared with GoCardless.

If you are using the iCal or Google Calendar integration, a limited amount of personal information may be shared with Google.

How We Store Your Data

All information stored by RoundPartner is located within the EU.

Who Has Access To Your Data

Your customer data is kept segregated to prevent accidental exposure to other unauthorised users of RoundPartner. RoundPartner may be required to view all information held in your account when required to resolve a problem. RoundPartner will not allow any third parties or anybody without consent access to personal data.

Removing Your Data

You can request your account to be removed from our system by sending an email to our Data Controller.

If We Suspect A Breach

Any breach found to be a risk to individuals will be notified within 72 hours to the DPA and to those affected individuals. If a person suspects that there may be a breach they must contact our Data Controller immediately so that it can be investigated.

Contact Details

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