RoundPartner differs from other window cleaning customer management systems by being a subscription based service. By allowing you to pay for the features you use each month, RoundPartner becomes an affordable solution for your business.


The standard price for RoundPartner is £10 a month. You get 6 weeks free when you register with us.

No Contracts Or Set Up Fees

When you create an account on RoundPartner, you will not be locked into any contracts or asked for bank details.

When your subscription runs out and you decide not to top up your account you will still be able to access your customers. However, you will not be able to manage any jobs or make any changes until you purchase another month subscription. We will not automatically delete your data unless you ask us to so if you decide to subscribe again you will not have to re-enter your customers again.

Free Upgrades

New features and improvements will be continually added to RoundPartner. RoundPartner is not like off the shelf software, when we release an update you will get them automatically and at no extra charge.

Try RoundPartner For Free

It will only take a minute to start organising your window cleaning business with RoundPartner. When you create an account you will automatically get a free 6 week trial.

RoundPartner is built on a Software as a Service model. That means, you will only need to pay for the features you use.